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What will Leadership Spotlighting do for you?

The Leadership Spotlighting Interactive is a comprehensive game based on the teachings of John Maxwell. The game helps organizations discover their leadership strengths and weaknesses. It is essential for leaders to raise their leadership lids. Why? “Because everything rises and falls on leadership,” says Maxwell.

Because everything rises and falls on leadership.

The Leadership Spotlighting Interactive is your opportunity for me to introduce to your organization and teams a new assessment tool that is unlike any other. The Game is fun and engaging, yet it challenges the participants to have open discussions about leadership principles and values. It is designed to help leaders spotlight the gaps and opportunities within their leadership teams.

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How Leadership Spotlighting Works

It is an interactive and edifying tool that we use to assess communication, address difficult topics, and identify strengths and weaknesses.

Through thought provoking questions, individual reflection and ideological debates, any group will understand one another more deeply in order to perform more effectively. This tool will help lead the conversation into how you can work as a team to improve in your areas of weakness and enhance your strengths.

This is a great tool for Executive Boards, C-suite teams, small businesses or large businesses. It works with everyone from chamas, multi-nationals, non-profits, real estate offices to large manufacturing companies. This will benefit any group of people working together on a common goal.

By Njeri MuchunuLeadership Spotlighting