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I am deeply saddened by today’s global culture, which is a culture of fatherlessness. This culture teaches or has taught people to think like they are orphans and therefore renders an orphan defenseless in their own minds. The traditional family structure has changed in ways that deprive children of a minimal relationship with their father, even when the father is alive or physically present. A father will model the image of a father that is presented to them either by their own parents, media depictions of fathers, or their own peers.

An abusive uninterested father alienates his children. Often, the result is anger towards the father and depression. Harsh and humiliating words destroy the child’s view of themselves and result in a profound sense of rejection. A silent or uninvolved father communicates to the child that the child’s interests are of no particular value to the father and therefore the child is unimportant. Children (and that is many of us) raised in such environments do not normally think of having a destiny, but instead, struggle every day with simply surviving.

Survival and a search for identity are goals of the orphan mindset produced by the current global culture which has usurped the individuals’ identity and replaced it with an identity dominated by the struggle for provision and protection. Because of this culture, the fatherless generation holds a deep-seated distrust of their fathers’ generation. When authority figures in their fathers’ generation try to influence the fatherless generation direction, the fatherless generation usually responds with contempt. This disconnect between the older authority figures and the fatherless generation is rooted largely in the younger generations’ refusal to accept guidance from a generation from whom they feel estranged.

I wish to speak to you today from a Kingdom of God perspective. Whereas a fatherless culture produces orphans, God created you and me as His children and heirs to His Kingdom. My friend, are you aware that you don’t need to struggle, feel alone, be depressed, suffer mental illness as a child of God? You were once with God but now have decided to go out all on your own because you have been convinced that God does not care about you. That He does not love you and that He does not exist. God says that He cares for you because you are His child and He wants you to go back to Him. Why would He create you and give you His image and likeness if He did not care for you or love you?

Just like a father does, God allows you to exercise your own free will. The case of the prodigal son comes to mind. This son asked his father to give him his inheritance. He thought that he did not need his father anymore because he was now educated, of age, and had the money he needed. He thought he knew it all and was an adult and wanted independence. He, therefore, opted to go away and do life by himself. And he squandered that life in the name of having fun until that life was not worth living outside of the love of his father. And guess what, he decided to go back home to his father, even if as a servant, but just so that he could have the love, protection, and provision only a father can give.

My friends, God is aware of how hard it is to live in this world that is ruled by the enemy. He wants you to come back to Him so that He can show you what His love looks like and give you what is rightfully yours. You don’t have to live like an orphan anymore; you don’t have to feel alone anymore. You don’t have to go around wondering who is there to help you. Your Father in heaven is there for you but he will not force Himself on you.

Talk to me and I will walk with you and reintroduce you to your Father who loves and cares for you and wants to give you what is rightfully yours.

You have struggled long enough! It is time to come back home