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Leadership 101: Demands of Leadership

Hello Friend,

Let me start by asking a question, what does it mean to be a leader? Let’s go back to the basics. In my view, and as John Maxwell rightly puts it, leadership is influence nothing more nothing less and it starts with leading myself. What does that even mean Njeri? We are very good at sounding smart and intellectual but have very little substance. We are smart and have posh jobs but when asked questions that have depth and that concern our very beings, we come back blank.

So again, I will ask, what is the true meaning of leadership?

I believe that Leadership is the capacity to influence others through inspiration, not manipulation. Leaders are agents of change. They do not conform to the patterns of the world and many are the times that they are misunderstood. Most will follow leaders, not because they want to be leaders themselves and wish to make an impact but because of what they get from them. Position, status, association, and the list goes on. Many people look for leaders and attach themselves to them in the hope that they can take what this leader has and become them. They are in it to feed, not to grow as people but to feed. They hope that somehow, by extension, they can get the sort of influence the leader has.

My friends, I am here to tell you that there is no shortcut to receiving the crown. In order to be a leader worth your salt, you must be ready to go through the cross and take responsibility. Leadership demands a lot of a person. Finding something worth doing by yourself is one of the most important traits of leadership. If you need people to like you and approve of you, then you are not a leader yet. You must be willing to go alone. Leaders give people’s lives meaning and that is why they follow you. This is when they find a sense of significance in their own lives.

Leadership does not begin with people. It begins with you. It begins with how you think. Leadership begins with your belief system which determines your philosophy of life. True leadership is self-discovery and it begins with an individual discovering something about themselves. Until you are introduced to yourself, you will never become a true leader. When you meet yourself, you will always be afraid of yourself because you will not agree with who or what you have become. You keep telling yourself – that’s not me and you do this for a long long time.

You are convinced that you are useless and they (culture, the world, others) use you to do what they want you to do and you obey them because you don’t know who you were born to be. I was the same. I was trapped. When I discovered who I am, I started to dictate my own value and I discovered that the world needs me! If you discover this, you become significant.

My friend, do you want to be a leader? Are you committed to do whatever it takes to leave a legacy by leading yourself?

Why don’t you give me the privilege of introducing you to yourself?

Reach out to us and I will be more than happy to walk this journey with you.

Remember my friend, that your thinking is your life.