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Living the Life No One Else Is

Happy New Year!

I began 2018 not knowing how but I was clear about the what. My strategy was simple – knock on as many doors as I can and speak to as many people as can give me their ear. I was afraid but I was not about to let this fear paralyze me so I chose to do it afraid. Being an entrepreneur was never part of my agenda; but here I was.

Today I celebrate one (1) year since I decided to step out in faith and pursue my Purpose. I must confess that I have been Transformed from the Inside Out.

2018 was a year of so many learnings for me. A year of Immeasurable Favour. I was beaten, hurt, broken, stretched, I failed – forward, and I met the most amazing people along the way. It is because of each and every one of these people that I am the woman that I celebrate today. Had I chosen to remain in my comfort zone, because of all the naysayers I would not have grown and experienced the fullness of life as I do today. This not the end, but the beginning, Still, I Rise.

As a leader, as you begin this new year, I would like to ask you to strive to Be Extraordinary!
Remember, “If you want to live an exceptional and extraordinary life, you have to give up many of the things that are part of a normal one.” -Srinivas Rao

Today, I am sure that I will experience true success. Two years ago, not quite so! Why? Because I am willing to become the CEO of my life. I am willing to take risks, to fail publicly, and be forced to try again after getting knocked down. I am willing to sacrifice what is good for what is great.
To add value to others! To get out of my own way and focus of others!

Evolving is painful.

The more I evolve into the best version of myself, the more l am required to give up. Giving things up is painful.

Like I said, I have only just begun to take some major steps to live an “extraordinary” life. It’s been hard as hell sometimes.

I realized an extraordinary life means confronting and resolving all the stuff that happened to me. Bad stuff happens to everyone, but most people don’t deal with it. That’s the sign of a “normal” life. People who prefer to live a “normal” life don’t want to pay most of the costs of an extraordinary life.

Everything worthwhile in life has an opportunity cost. If you accept opportunity “A,” that means passing on opportunity “B.” You have to give up something in order to accomplish something else. Some of these things may be dear to you, which makes them extremely difficult to let go. No one said this would be easy.

All great opportunities cost “good” ones.

An extraordinary life costs a “normal” life. You can’t have both!

Make no mistake, this is a high price to pay. In fact, many people simply decline the offer of an extraordinary life after they discover how much it would cost.

And that’s OK. An extraordinary life isn’t for everyone.

Separating yourself from the herd is scary, and the criticisms and warnings from others might even sound wise. Ultimately, it’s up to you what you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve an extraordinary life. There is no formula. But one thing is certain: you will need to sacrifice!

It will be hard. It won’t be pleasant.

But the life you’re achieving — the extraordinary life  — will be more rewarding than a normal life could ever be. Your relationships, finances, health, knowledge, passion, and purpose will all reach levels higher than ever before.

The cost of an extraordinary life is great.

Is it worth it to you?

As a leader, if you want to become extraordinary – become more effective than you were before, we want to hear from you!