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Transforming Leaders from the Inside Out

We are living in times when many of us have received tertiary education. I see people everywhere pursuing their Undergraduate and Masters degrees. More than ever, the number of persons pursuing their PhD is on the rise. Additionally, the number of professionals roaming this city cannot be overlooked, yet we have failed to end corruption, poverty, hunger and achieve world peace! Do you sometimes sit back and wonder why?

Our leaders in government are some of the most educated persons in the country yet they have failed to give us solutions to our own problems. They are constantly squabbling amongst themselves, feigning knowledge of what is going wrong and sinking this country deeper into the abyss. We preach an end to corruption, and shortly thereafter, it is rearing its head and an individual and his cronies have stolen Kshs. 1 billion; world peace and shortly thereafter a bomb explodes and 100 people lose their lives! All these crimes are being perpetrated by individuals – human beings who are well educated and of sound mind.

We possess all these titles which we pursue with everything we have because we were promised satisfaction at the end of the line. But this satisfaction manenoz that everyone seems to be speaking to so eludes you and I. Don’t get me wrong, My people perish for lack of knowledge and therefore education has its place. However, the truth of the matter is that no matter how much knowledge you glean, if you lack the wisdom to apply it, you are like a ship with no rudder. If you are empty on the inside, you can give nothing to the world outside.

Have you sat back and asked yourself why? Why are all these things happening? The harder we try, the worse it gets. I think I know the answer. Actually believe I have the answer. We need to look within ourselves and stop looking out there for something or someone to come and solve our problems. We need to be bold and courageous and start looking within ourselves and start fixing that which is broken inside of us. I know you guys are saying, she is so naïve, what is she even saying, what does she know about world peace? Well, I know this one thing – that the peace I have within was not derived from anything extrinsic. I also know full well, that you cannot give what you do not have. If you harbour anger, you reap anger, if you are empty on the inside and you need to fill this void, you will steal, if you have pain you will inflict pain on others, if you are lost, where will you lead others to and on and on it goes…..

I don’t know about you, but my primary education curriculum certainly didn’t emphasize learning to connect with myself to find a deeper meaning, a “calling,” if you will. Rather, the prevailing narrative promoted productivity and efficiency over emotional intelligence and connectedness. As a result, I learned to cope with my internal voids with things, achievements, or approval from others. As a leader, you know, those are only temporary fixes.

So you ask, as a leader, what do I need to do to find fulfilment? You want to stop going through the motions; desiring to feel more engaged with your life. My answer – All it takes is a little digging to uncover the truth. Start asking yourself questions like “What is important to me? What do I care about?”

I am not going to lie; this is an arduous process.

If you’re feeling stuck or scared because you don’t know who you are or where you are going, please hear me when I say nobody knows his or her exact path. Life is more about discovery. And this discovery process starts with asking questions. Explore those times in your life when you felt particularly fulfilled, excited, or inspired. They don’t have to be big events, but they do need to be specific. Identifying these specific moments in time will trigger emotions—and it’s those emotions that will guide us to find our talents, values, and ultimately our ‘why’.

Don’t know where to start? Here a few questions that can get you started on this journey of discovery:

As a leader, if you want to fully discover who you are, discover your potential and find true fulfilment, please reach out to us and we will walk this journey with you. This journey however, is not for the faint hearted, so if you are not willing to invest in your future and to trust the process, then this one is not for you!