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Virtuous Leadership

Good Leadership is Indispensable.

I believe that trapped inside each of us is an undiscovered leader of great value to this generation.

I keep wondering to myself, why do seemingly reasonable and intelligent people continue to operate in non-virtuous and vicious ways that reflect low moral standards? We live in a time of moral deficit if we go by the track record of our leaders.

When I look around my country Kenya, which I love so dearly, I see a dramatic leadership vacuum which needs to be occupied. In nearly all areas from private sector, to governments to homes and families to the church, there is an absence of quality, effective leadership. We hear one scandal after the other; we watch as our “so called leaders” punch each other in the face and use all sorts of derogatory language in front of our kids. The exposure of corruption and unethical practices among political and business leaders (Enron, Chase Bank) is disgraceful!

As Kenyans, we always look out there but now we need a paradigm shift and start looking inside. Each one of us has the potential to effect change in our sphere of influence. I have discovered that when we begin with ourselves, we will naturally have an effect on the lives of others.

I don’t want to sound rude or unappreciative of the church, but theology is so preoccupied with preparing individuals to leave the planet, meanwhile forsaking the responsibility of producing quality leaders for the earth. We need to stop praying about things and take action. Leadership is born when toleration ends – because whatever you tolerate you will never change. Leadership does not begin with others; it begins with you! Rise up from the seat of a follower and be the change that you want to see.