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Who am I?

If I asked you today who you are, what would your answer be? I can almost guess the answer because I have asked many of my leader clients who they are and guess what their answer was? Yes, exactly what you are thinking. I am the chief executive officer of my company, I am the Head of this and that department, I am a father, I am a mother, I lead worship in church. And the descriptions go on and on. It is interesting to note that the first answer will always be the thing that gives you a sense of greatest importance. The thing that you think will make an impression.

Who you are has nothing to do with the roles you hold. The responses listed above are all roles that we hold in society. Who you are refers to your identity outside of your roles. What am I saying here? For instance, if you were not a parent, an employee/executive, or did not hold any of these roles, who would you define yourself as? Think about it. Strip yourself of all the labels that you hold and then tell me who you are.

Yes, I know! This is a very difficult question. It also took me quite a while to find out the answer. However, when I did, I was set free. The answer showed me that I cannot fit in a box. Whether I have a role or not, a job or not, wherever I go I can be that person and perform at my best.

During this COVID season, many of us are pondering on this question. We have lost our jobs and this is the thing that was giving us a sense of identity. What now? Where does that leave me? I am of no value to anyone let alone myself.

If this is how you are feeling, don’t lose heart. This question is usually triggered by a change in the season of our lives, whether positive or negative, good or bad. The question is vital in shaping you, how you live and why you are here.

By answering the question “Who am I?” you discover God’s plan for your life and who He has created you to be. It will also empower you to be a shining light to those around you.

Would you like to know who you are? Then let’s chat on the 19th of June 2020 from 7:00 pm – 7:30pm on my Facebook page Transforming Leaders from the Inside Out where I will give you some tips on how to start working on your identity and come to a firm understanding of who you are. I will also share with you, who I am.